~Land Of The Sun~

*This poem was inspired for me by one of my favorite poems of all time, ‘Rainbow Bridge’. It is dedicated to the memory of my Mom’s beloved furbaby, Jake. We love & miss you aways, Jake.*


Beyond the rainbow
lies a magical place
that exists outside confines
of time and space

It’s a land where the sunlight
never grows dimmer
where crystal waters
sparkles and shimmers

Where the grass smells sweet
and the trees gently sway
it’s a land where our fur loves
eternally play

When they exit this earth
we are saddened, no doubt
for we loved them too much
to try to live without

But life is eternal
and so is spirit
the proof is before you
if you only don’t fear it

They are never alone
when they cross the divide
they are welcomed by friends
with paws spread wide

Purrs and barks
tails wagging in joy
as they rush to greet
with the choicest of toys

And they wait for the day
in the blink of an eye
when their human friends
are happily spied

You’ll rush to them
and you’ll tightly embrace
as they shower with love
by sweet licks to your face

It is then that you’ll know
death exists for no one
life’s eternal for all
in the land of the sun

©Christa Hawkins 2017
This poem may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.

~Path Of Misery~

Last night I dreamt I was walking the path
the path of misery
the sky was dark and empty
no light that I could see

I started losing faith
that I would make it home alive
when the most angelic voice
sang out from the starless sky

My child…
I have never left your side
my love…
surrounds you til the day you die

And beyond…

Now come and take my hand
and I will lead you safe toward home
I will not leave you lost out here
so desperately alone

Oh no….

My breath it hitched and shuddered
as I swallowed back my tears
I was so filled with warmth and light
beyond a million years

And I smiled…

As the path illuminated

I smiled…

My misery abated

By love

©Christa Hawkins, 2017
This may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.


I rise up from my knees

Extinguish burning flame

Wipe tear streaks from my face

Voice trailing out your name


I’m lost

In sorrow and regret

I’ve lost

The one I won’t forget


You gave me life

When I was dying out

You showed me what

Loves magic was about


And I will love you til

The sunlight starts to fade

And I will grieve for you

Until my dying day


Because we are what results

When two hearts swiftly collide

And you and I were destined

To ride the wildest ride


But now I’m lost

Completely lost

I paid the reapers cost


©Christa Hawkins, 2017

This may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.


~Eyes Wide Open~

Eyes wide open, I reach to the sky

to stroke the gossamer wings of

an angel passing by


The veil has been lifted, my world forever changed

by the plea that you answered

when I called out your name


The darkness has drifted

and I no longer fear

I know the illusion of heartache and tears


And the pain we endure

brings such growth to our soul

And the spark that we are

blends with source to make whole


The veil of separation

it no longer exists

for you proved that to me

with such subtle persist


And there will come a day

when the heavens meet earth

and the human race

it shall be rebirthed


I will rush to your arms

and embrace you my friend

for the bond that we shared

it was born without end


©Christa Hawkins, 2017

This poem may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.

~True Love~

True love isn’t recognized through the shade of ones skin.

Nor the gender one is housed within.

It cannot be found in superficial looks.

True love’s definition could fill a book.

It’s found in the spark from which souls connect.

When you look in their eyes, & eternity reflects.

For that is how long true love really lasts.

For time is not ‘real’, & there is no ‘past’.

Only the present, which is constantly evolving,

Through the cosmos where we are all revolving.

True love isn’t limited to a person or place.

It’s the unity of the human race

©Christa Hawkins, 2015

This poem may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.


Twas The Night Before Christmas

This is a poem that I entered into a local community contest for FB. *DAU PC=Decatur Anonymous Uncensored Page Creator, the host of the contest.*

Twas the night before Christmas, cozied up in my house

I was browsing the net, in my search for a spouse.

My stockings were flung on the floor without care

Oh the humbug was thick in the December air.

Seven cats were all nestled, in my warm cozy bed

While visions of Friskies danced in their heads.

With my hair up in a kerchief, cookie crumbs upon my lap

I was lonesome & bored, and bout ready to snap.

When out on my lawn, came an unholy clatter

And I sprang from my chair, causing soy milk to splatter.

Away to the window, I flew like a flash

Tugging hard at the shades, which collapsed with a crash.

The moon as it shone, on the sparse yellow snow

Gave appearance to just what the heck I don’t know

When what to my near sighted eyes should appear

But a slick, pimped out sleigh, and eight rowdy reindeer.

And a substitute driver, who was tangled in a tree

Who cried out, “Will you help me? I’m the DAU PC!”

More rapid than refunds, the tears oh they came

As (s)he sniffled & whistled, and called them by name.

Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer, and Vixen

On Comet, HEY STUPID!, errr…Donner, *sigh* Blitzen

To the top of the porch, hey pick up the crawl…

Now dash away…dash away…WATCH OUT FOR THAT WA…!!!

With dry leaves that slapped me quite rude in the face

They heaved & they ho’d, til they shot into space

. Where they landed on housetop, and mayhem it grew

As shingles were torn, DAU’s being SUED!

And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof

The god awful clatter of 32 hooves

As I drew in my head, & prepared to spin round

Through my ceiling came DAU with a frown.

(S)he spoke not a word, but went straight to my tree

And they looked so ticked off, I was tempted to flee

But they filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk

And my jaw hit the floor when they gave a quick twerk.

Then laying a finger aside of their nose,

They gave a loud honk & mystically rose

(S)he sprang to the sleigh, to the team gave a shout

“LET’S GET IT IN GEAR!”, & promptly peeled out

But I heard them exclaim, as they drove out of sight “I will never survive to the end of this night!!”


~Spiritual Dance~

This poem was written for a friend who recently lost someone special. However, it could apply to many of us who have at some point in our lives, touched hearts with someone for the briefest of times, only to have them inexplicably pulled from our arms, without warning. It’s a painful ‘life lesson’ we are forced to endure, yet it can be explained through one of my favorite literary pieces of all time, entitled, ‘Reason, Season Or Lifetime

You entered my life when I needed you most
with the guiding hand of angelic host

For the briefest time, you and I touched souls
we were destined to play out a role

All the minutes, hours, months we spent
there’s no words expressing what they meant

And the kisses, hugs, and magic shared
they were all stored up to help prepare

For the moment one would be called home
beyond the veil, where the spirits roam

Let us bow our heads and give humble nod
for the gift bestowed on us through God

We crossed paths for such a cherished reason
it will become clear through the change of season

And lifetimes, though so short may be
through eternity, we both will see

That nothing happens just by chance
souls are brought to earth for a spiritual dance

©Christa Hawkins 2014
This poem may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.


~Grand Rebirth~

I pause beside the fresh dug grave
heart filled with things I didn’t say
It’s too late now, or so it seems
the grief gnaws fierce; I want to scream

The tears they stream down wind chapped cheeks
where is the peace I long to seek
I let you leave that cold, dark night
with battle scars of bitter fight

How could I know the story’s end
was coming quickly, dearest friend
my eyes, they search the clear blue sky
and focus on a butterfly

It dances with a gentle grace
its wings a tickle on my face
it calmly lands upon my wrist
assuring me you still exist

You knew my love of butterflies
and that they prove we never die
a caterpillar of the earth
on precipice of grand rebirth

©Christa Hawkins 2014
This poem may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.


~Blame Game~

Will you ever stop playing the victim
it’s a role that has long expired
I’ve heard enough of woe is me
let the one man act retire

No one has forced you down this path
all your choices were your own
and it’s past time you acknowledge
that you’re decades past full grown

You like to cite injustices
and ways that you’ve been denied
but you’re clearly just like all the other
wolves who’ve ever cried

Soceity doesn’t owe you a thing
you deserve only what you earn
life is full of painful truths
from them lessons meant to learn

Stop feeling sorry for yourself
and take a look around
you’ll see others brushing off their knees
as they rise from bottom ground

Yes, life can be a rocky mountain
we will lose our footing on
but through perserverance you will reach the summit
and face the brand new dawn

I look at you and I see someone
who should fully be ashamed
for you have so much potential
if you’d drop that scripted game

©Christa Hawkins 2014
This poem may not be reprinted in any form, or redistributed without the direct permission of the author.


~The L♥ve List~


We all can agree on certain things we love in life. Our family…friends…those are without question. Yet it’s the little things that make us the individuals that we are.

~Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.~Denis Waitley

25. Disney films. Happy Feet & The Little Mermaid are my favorites.

24. Private displays of affection. I wear my heart on my sleeve in the private company of the man I love.

23. Sleeping during a thunderstorm/lightning show. It puts me in a catatonic trance of contentment.

22. Cooking shows

21. Sheets fresh from the dryer.

20. My Mom’s homemade wine.

19. Thrift stores, flea markets & craft festivals.

18. Funky, unique, costume jewelry.

17. Classic television shows…I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, All In The Family, Mama’s Family, The Waltons, The Jeffersons, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days…

16. George Carlin

15. Reading! My favorite material is romantic comedy, popular fiction, new age/spiritual, political/political satire, self help, health/fitness.

14. Avocado rolls

13. Being alone with my thoughts.

12. Fields of eye poppingly bright flowers. My favorites are sunflowers & bluebells.

11. Cherry Charms Blow Pops

10. Paranormal films/books

9. Contemporary Christian music, tribal/sounds of nature, jazz, blues, classic, hip hop, hard and soft rock.

8. The colors blue, lime green, lemony yellow & chocolate brown.

7. People who can make me laugh without being obscene.

6. Anything & everything spiritual. Books, films, quotes, art, music…

5. Butterflies

4. Hugs, even from strangers.

3. Positive people who do for others with no hidden agendas.

2. Looking into the eyes of an animal, and seeing an intelligent, conscious, living being. Feeling their love, trust & unspoken friendship.

1. The way I have felt both emotionally & physically since adopting a whole food/plant based lifestyle.